2011 Holiday Card.


Last year, we kept our holiday card pretty simple: find a cute photo of the kid, add some type, send it out.

This year, especially in light of Herman surviving a ruptured brain aneurysm, we wanted to go big with our holiday card. We wanted to send each of our friends and family a little something to say "Thank you", "Merry Christmas", and "Look! We survived and are doing great!" We wanted it to feel like opening a gift:

Each set included a letterpress printed "Merry Merry" card, a family photo, a thank you message (with a blind print and heart cut out on the bottom), and an infographic year in review card (I was so inspired by this amazing card by Amanda Jane Jones):


Megan said...

Beautiful!!!! You slammed that out of the park and then some! Here's to a great year ahead!!!!

insaknitty said...

aaand... this is why I don't do holiday cards. how would I ever compete with you?? and yes, this was by far the awesomest holiday card we got this year. you win again! :D

casey said...

This is stunning. Well done! I had high hopes of sending out a fun 'package' card like this with a year in review but it just didn't happen. Next year it's high on my list!

Traci said...

Thanks ladies!!! Megan, YES to a great year. Casey, I cannot wait to see what you'd come up with. Susan...this wore me out so much that I'll be lucky to recover by next Christmas and just get a photo out!

Sarah said...

you know what's so funny! I opened upthe card and thought it was amazing. put it down...then realized that there was more!! I opened up and there was the infographic. loved it!

write in tights said...

Oh my, I love these! What a precious idea and your photo is so cute. Your little one is as dear as they come.

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